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Animation, animation, animation

PepsiCo wanted to explore new ways of showcasing stories and narratives about their employees while retaining the corporate brand language. Finding that middle path was the crucial ask.


Animated videos with seamless transitions, a colourful palette and a few interesting elements lovingly sprinkled here and there turned out to be the winning formula.

Here are some of the videos that celebrate employees, their wins, their journeys and their stories that speak for themselves at the end of the day.

Rebranding Door Of Maai

Door Of Maai is a higly acclaimed circular fashion brand from Kolkata. It is an urban and premium ready-to-wear design label which believes in creating trend-less clothing and transcending seasonal changes.

The brand wanted to rethink the way it was perceived. It wanted to be known for its designs as much as it was known for being a sustainable fashion brand.

We took the brand's essence of being a circular fashion brand to build the ethos of the brand - Human, Earth and Soul. Human represents the artist, the human reaching out to more humans and building a truly genuine connection. Earth represents sustainability and being conscious as a brand. Soul represents the elegance and the happiness that a customer can find in each design.

Door Of Maai was renamed to dom which is defined as a suffix that means 'state or fact of being'. The first collection of bags that were released under the new brand name was named 'Freedom' and each bag was named after the Alipore Jail (in Calcutta) woman inmate who made it (one of the community programs that the brand spearheads).

At the center of the brand strategy was identifying and redefining the brand's mission and values, cutting the fat and honing down on the definition of the target audience and developing a crisp personality and voice for the brand.

Branding strategy, social media marketing and packaging design

STRIVE is India's first ready-to-drink plant protein beverage company based out of Bengaluru, India. The brand had started operations a few years ago and had started generating acclaim among health and wellness enthusiasts.

They realized the need for the development of a brand strategy in order to develop a focused positioning and personality that would, in turn, help create consistency in the marketing communication.

We worked closely with the founder and her team over the course of 3-4 months and through a mix of in-depth conversations, interviews and research, identified the brand mission and values, the competition landscape, the positioning and the personality of the brand.

We have also helped design the packaging of their latest offering, a 10 gm version of the original STRIVE beverage tailor-made for pre-teens.

STRIVE also needed support with creating a structured and fresh content strategy for their Instagram handle. Our team of social media marketing consultants helped come up with campaigns and ideas that improved engagement, generated higher reach and brought in variety through a mix of live events, giveaways and informative content.

Using meaningful marketing to fight      COVID-19 across the country

LabourNet is a social enterprise that employs 2000+ people and has enabled 10 lakh livelihoods across the country. They enable sustainable livelihoods for men, women and youth in urban and rural areas. Their three-pronged engine integrates social and business impact by bridging the gaps in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

LabourNet created a new vertical called Sanitisation and Hygiene Entrepreneurs (SHEs) (that became a part of the larger COVID Action Collaborative of the country) at the start of the lockdown to identify folks across the country struggling to earn an income during the pandemic and train them to become sanitisation entrepreneurs (folks who wear a PPE suit and spray alcoholic solutions on buildings and vehicles to tackle COVID-19).

We were given the mandate to take the SHE program to market, create maximum visibility for the same and  generate interest for enrollment into the program. On top of this, we were also expected to generate business for these entrepreneurs in their respective catchments. For example, identifying local business owners, families, vehicle owners etc. in, say, a town in Assam, marketing sanitisation services to them and converting them into customers.

We developed a multi-pronged marketing strategy with a short-term goal of enrolling more entrepreneurs and generating more business and a long-term goal of creating the SHE brand that would stand the test of time.

We employed geographically targeted performance marketing, developed customer service SLAs and built in a tracking and monitoring mechanism to create a robust lead generation strategy.

At the same time, we worked on developing a brand identity and a social media marketing campaign strategy that would employ cheerful and entertaining communication while not losing out on the criticality and importance of sanitisation and hygiene services as THE need of the hour.